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  1. An impact-based environmental risk assessment model toolbox for offshore produced water discharges

    Raymond Nepstad, Konstantinos Kotzakoulakis [+3]

    Marine Pollution Bulletin2023-06

  2. An annual profile of the impacts of simulated oil spills on the Northeast Arctic cod and haddock fisheries

    JoLynn Carroll, Håvard G. Frøysa [+7]

    Marine Pollution Bulletin2022-11

  3. A standard protocol for describing the evaluation of ecological models

    Benjamin Planque, Johanna M. Aarflot [+15]

    Ecological Modelling2022-09

  4. Northeast Arctic Cod and Prey Match-Mismatch in a High-Latitude Spring-Bloom System

    Frode B. Vikebø, Ole Jacob Broch [+5]

    Frontiers in Marine Science2021-12-20

  1. JoLynn Carroll

    JoLynn Carroll


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