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  1. Bioglider: An Integrated Glider Solution for Enhancing Environmental Knowledge

    Yves Ponçon, Laurent Mortier [+16]

    OCEANS 2023 - MTS/IEEE U.S. Gulf Coast 2023-09-25

  2. Effects of the invasive red king crab on food web structure and ecosystem properties in an Atlantic fjord

    T Pedersen, MM Fuhrmann [+16]

    Marine Ecology Progress Series 2018-05-28

  3. Selection and foraging response of harbour seals in an area of changing prey resources

    V Ramasco, U Lindström [+1]

    Marine Ecology Progress Series 2017-10-13

  4. Macrobenthic biomass and production in a heterogenic subarctic fjord after invasion by the red king crab

    Mona M. Fuhrmann, Torstein Pedersen [+2]

    Journal of Sea Research 2015-12

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