Financial Manager

Akvaplan-niva has changed its procedures regarding receipt of invoices to electronic invoice processing. We are registrated in the ELMA register and can receive EHF-invoices.

The electronic address for use of EHF invoices is our organisation number: 937 375 158

Alternatively the following address can be used:

The invoice must be in PDF format and you could only have one invoice /credit note pr PDF file only. Correct address: for invoices/credit notes is:

Akvaplan-niva AS
Fram Centre,
Postbox 6606,
9296 Tromsø

Requirements for invoice marking

In addition to the requirements for sales documentation in accordance with the Accounting Act, all invoices must include the following information:

We require a minimum of 15 days payment on all invoices.

Any questions can be directed to Kirsti Isaksen, Financial Manager (