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  1. Recolonization and recovery of an Arctic benthic community subject to mine-tailings deposits

    Hilde C. Trannum, Kristine B. Pedersen [+3]

    Journal of Sea Research 2023-02

  2. Impacts of climate change on metal leaching and partitioning for submarine mine tailings disposal

    Kristine B. Pedersen, Tore Lejon [+4]

    Marine Pollution Bulletin 2022-11

  3. Tailored Leaching Tests as a Tool for Environmental Management of Mine Tailings Disposal at Sea

    Kristine Pedersen, Tore Lejon [+1]

    Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 2022-03-10

  4. Electrokinetic Remediation of Dredged Contaminated Sediments

    Kristine B. Pedersen, Ahmed Benamar [+3]

    Electrokinetic Remediation for Environmental Security and Sustainability 2021-03-19


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